Last night I went to a QA event hosted by MKE SPIN which is a local organization that puts together regular meetups for tech-related topics. Last night was a Quality Assurance Panel Discussion with four panel members who have all been in the industry for a number of years, providing some differing opinions on the... Continue Reading →

The one with the Instagram profile

It's official, I've started an Instagram profile for all my QA findings in the world. Follow me @lifeofatester. Here's how it all started. After blogging for over a year, I found that there were so many things that kept presenting themselves to me (as all bugs do) but they were so random and one-off that... Continue Reading →

Why, Target, Why?

It's an every day occurrence that I am doing something that forces out a verbal "WHY?" I'm not entirely sure what it is, if things just find me, if I'm an extremely picky person, if everything around is us so full of bugs and everyone catches them, or if the design of something I am... Continue Reading →

The Raffle Ticket

I had an opportunity recently to partake in a raffle, where I could put in some money and receive a certain number of tickets to then put into cups and potentially win prizes. The more I pay, the better my cost-to-ticket ratio became, the more entries I receive, the better my chances at winning are.... Continue Reading →

Colored Text on a Dynamic Background

Let's get this out first... I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan. No shame here. After 14 seasons, I have just as much interest in sitting down every week and watching the latest episode as I did when it first came out (granted I started via Netflix a few seasons late). Watched most of the spin-off... Continue Reading →

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