The one with the Instagram profile

It's official, I've started an Instagram profile for all my QA findings in the world. Follow me @lifeofatester. Here's how it all started. After blogging for over a year, I found that there were so many things that kept presenting themselves to me (as all bugs do) but they were so random and one-off that... Continue Reading →

Sufficiently Designed

We all have those times when you're web searching and come across a website that is from the 90s, that hasn't been updated since. The moment it loads you feel repulsed, and many of us immediately click the back button on our browser, because we know we will not find any helpful information. Unfortunately, I... Continue Reading →

Why, Target, Why?

It's an every day occurrence that I am doing something that forces out a verbal "WHY?" I'm not entirely sure what it is, if things just find me, if I'm an extremely picky person, if everything around is us so full of bugs and everyone catches them, or if the design of something I am... Continue Reading →

What Happened to my Pop-tart

I'm a big fan of the S'mores Pop-tart. My favorite of the bunch. And until writing this, didn't know it was Pop-tart, thought it was one word... Poptart. Anyways, I opened my pack of S'mores and the chocolate "frosting" was no where near the amount that I'd like, or find reasonable. While Pop-tarts never have... Continue Reading →

The Raffle Ticket

I had an opportunity recently to partake in a raffle, where I could put in some money and receive a certain number of tickets to then put into cups and potentially win prizes. The more I pay, the better my cost-to-ticket ratio became, the more entries I receive, the better my chances at winning are.... Continue Reading →

The Impotence of Testing

Wait what? Did you write that title correctly? I've been doing QA for a handful of years now and come up with a few realizations throughout my time, and have also had some fun conversations with people about the QA role. Do we really need QA testers or could our end-users be our testers? What... Continue Reading →

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