Reading a Book: Explore It!

One of my goals this quarter is to read a book called Explore It! by Elisabeth Hendrickson. This book is said to be a leading title in QA exploratory testing, and gives definition to, and practice sessions on, exploratory testing efforts. I am one chapter in at this point and already love much of what... Continue Reading →

What Happened to my Pop-tart

I'm a big fan of the S'mores Pop-tart. My favorite of the bunch. And until writing this, didn't know it was Pop-tart, thought it was one word... Poptart. Anyways, I opened my pack of S'mores and the chocolate "frosting" was no where near the amount that I'd like, or find reasonable. While Pop-tarts never have... Continue Reading →

The Raffle Ticket

I had an opportunity recently to partake in a raffle, where I could put in some money and receive a certain number of tickets to then put into cups and potentially win prizes. The more I pay, the better my cost-to-ticket ratio became, the more entries I receive, the better my chances at winning are.... Continue Reading →

The Impotence of Testing

Wait what? Did you write that title correctly? I've been doing QA for a handful of years now and come up with a few realizations throughout my time, and have also had some fun conversations with people about the QA role. Do we really need QA testers or could our end-users be our testers? What... Continue Reading →

Colored Text on a Dynamic Background

Let's get this out first... I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan. No shame here. After 14 seasons, I have just as much interest in sitting down every week and watching the latest episode as I did when it first came out (granted I started via Netflix a few seasons late). Watched most of the spin-off... Continue Reading →

Vacuuming Satisfaction

So often when I do something, I strive for everything to satisfy my inner QA. It's not often too difficult, as I am my own critic, but I am still a tester at heart, so I need everything to be bug free from even my own life. While vacuuming today, I ensured that all the... Continue Reading →

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