Last night I went to a QA event hosted by MKE SPIN which is a local organization that puts together regular meetups for tech-related topics. Last night was a Quality Assurance Panel Discussion with four panel members who have all been in the industry for a number of years, providing some differing opinions on the... Continue Reading →

It’s been a little while

Unfortunately my writing hasn't happened in about three months time, but the amount I think about writing increases with each passing day. It's funny that we miss things when we love them but don't get to do them. I recently had a conversation about career development and that led to a discussion about my future... Continue Reading →

Reading a Book: Explore It!

One of my goals this quarter is to read a book called Explore It! by Elisabeth Hendrickson. This book is said to be a leading title in QA exploratory testing, and gives definition to, and practice sessions on, exploratory testing efforts. I am one chapter in at this point and already love much of what... Continue Reading →

Mobile Modal

Another interesting item has crossed my path once again and is worth writing about... The mobile modal. Try saying that 10 times fast. A modal is similar to a pop-up, a light-box, or an alert that flashes on the screen, but often contains the ability to do further work so that displaying the contents directly... Continue Reading →

Faster Timeline Could Mean Less Quality

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn and with it there was a communication between business and developers. The conversation went like this: Business: "How long will the project take?" Creator: "About 6 weeks" Business: "We don't have that time...I need it in TWO weeks" Creator: "OK, we will do our best in that time"... Continue Reading →

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