About Me

I’m Jason McKelvey and I am a Quality Assurance Analyst at Zywave, Inc. I started as a technical writer in 2013, moved onto QA Engineering, and now I’ve been as happy as ever as a QA Analyst since November of 2014. I have been in the computer industry for seven years and have learned a vast amount about computer support, web usability, and human computer interaction. I love QA, and assisting in bettering product development before getting to the customers.

I also love to assist in web setup and design, and have built out a few sites for local families and companies. My greatest passion for websites is making all workflows perfect, so finding a bug in my own site is painful yet exhilarating.

My wife, Allison, and I have two kids, Savanna (2012) and Connor (2016). These three are everything to me, the most important people, and I do everything I do, for them. I also play drums and percussion, guitar and bass, volleyball, and overall love staying busy.

I am also a Bible believing follower of Jesus Christ, and without his death and resurrection on the Cross, there would be nothing to live for. I have all that I have because of Him. My gifts and talents, my job, my family are a result of his work in my life.

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