Sufficiently Designed

We all have those times when you’re web searching and come across a website that is from the 90s, that hasn’t been updated since. The moment it loads you feel repulsed, and many of us immediately click the back button on our browser, because we know we will not find any helpful information.

Unfortunately, I have a website that I frequent, with this exact problem.

I hate to speak ill of a place that I go to so often, but it’s worth calling something important out while navigating through this page.

Go check out the website for Center Court Sports Complex


I don’t know if they hire out, or how much they pay for their website, or if anyone really does much management of the site. I know they use it through another party called League Athletics, but that could just be the host of the site.

None of that really matters though. What matters is finding the point of your website. Many would argue for different things like design and functionality, updated content/information, decent usability, and easily accessible. Those are all great things but I don’t believe a website necessarily has to achieve all of those.

While it’s easy in today’s world to do all of those things well, it’s not required. For a website like Center Court’s, the information is there and accessible. I need to know when volleyball starts, what weeks and times that I play, and what court I play on. That is it, and I have accomplished my goal for the week. This website certainly could use a face lift, and a regular contributor to the site, but it isn’t required to get the information needed.

It’s possible they thought through all of this when determining if they need a new website or not, but it’s also possible they got lucky.

All that to say, it certainly would be nice if they had an updated website, but it isn’t required for their need. They aren’t attracting customers through it, they aren’t using it for marketing, and their user-base is only there for one reason and that reasons is accomplish-able.

So while the website may be an abomination, it’s functional, and it kills me to say this but, I approve.

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