Whoops, My Text Bleeds Off the DropDown

I always laugh when the big guys do it. Companies like Kohls, Target, Dell, Newegg, CBS, ABC, Disney, and so many more all struggle with bugs in their software. Not that they are any less prone to bugs than the rest of us, but for some reason I just feel like the big guys should catch the little things. I typically believe that there shouldn’t be a scenario that a big guy has a small design issue, because the big guy has too many assets at their company and too many users that it’s too important to miss these things.

Nevertheless, we all have bugs. Today’s bug was on the CBS website.

I love watching TV online, because it’s commercial free or decreased, I can choose to watch it when it’s convenient, and I don’t have a DVR at home to solve the first two problems. While perusing CBS to find the next show to watch, I found that CBS had potentially dynamic menu items that were bleeding off the set menu width.

CBS Overextding menu

My original assumption to the problem is that CBS website developers had determined a set max-width on the menu drops, while the TV show page editors determined their page name would be longer than that. It was most likely accidental in nature. I’d hate to hear someone say, “Our page name needs to be this exact phrase and it over extends the menu” and a response given that is “Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do.”

However, as an exploratory tester, when sitting in that requirements meeting about the width of the drops, my very first question would have been, “should there be, or is there, a text length requirement for the page names?” If the answer is yes, then easy peasy to test this scenario. If the answer is no, then the What If game begins.

The page name Elimination Interviews is not ridiculous. That is 22 characters long including the space. That should have been an easy catch by any exploratory mindset. Those little things should not get passed development.

But, what if the bug is deprioritized? Is there nothing we can do?

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