It’s been a little while

Unfortunately my writing hasn’t happened in about three months time, but the amount I think about writing increases with each passing day. It’s funny that we miss things when we love them but don’t get to do them.

I recently had a conversation about career development and that led to a discussion about my future and testing. I have thought for a long time that the end goal was to be a manager or sorts, and simply lead direct reports to better themselves. However, over the years a few things have revealed themselves to me.

First, I don’t know if I want the responsibility of other employees. I have always liked the idea of leading, teaching, and mentoring, but the ownership of being a manager and the corresponding time commitment is still an uncertainty.

Second, I’m more interested in testing than managing. I love testing software (and anything else that crosses my path). I love the excitement of exploring, a limitless end to scenarios that I can throw into a workflow, and get different outputs every time. I love the thrill of discovering a bug and tracking down where it came from, reporting it to my dev team, and then working closely with them to resolve and verify it. This is something I would never want to give up, at least right now.

Lastly, I want to always prioritize my personal life. Here’s the husband and father in me, but I don’t have a desire to be in a career that takes ownership of my personal life. My family is too important to give up that time. Managing naturally has a commitment level that may require additional time away from family, and at this current time, that doesn’t seem worth it to me.

These are fairly recent discoveries. Again, I began my career with one goal and that was to work up to a team lead or manager position. But when I realized a shift in my ideal career, I was able to have an open conversation about it with my manager. It felt good to realize this information and focus my work with the goal. This has led to blogging, reading, teaching and mentoring, and collaborating with members of my team and other teams.

Well, let’s see if the fresh start gets me driven to write a few more posts.

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